We are a small company that designs, implements and deploys systems for a global audience.

Our creativity and innovation are inversely proportional to the size of our team and we want to remain this way. We love what we do and the way we do it.

We are effective enough to take on any project that makes life more pleasant and brings new quality to it.

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Innovative service for music bands available at www.jamforge.com


There are many services and applications for music sharing, but very few that help bands in collaborative creation process.

JamForge's main goal is to make band's life easier. Anyone who has ever been in a band knows that public performances take up the least amount of time. Most of the time (about 80%) is spent on rehearsals, meetings and organising stuff.

JamForge concentrates on these activities and provides tools for making them easier. If a band doesn't require additional storage, everything is free of charge.

You can check the main features below, followed by couple of screenshots from a sample band.


First screenshot shows how a sample band looks like after logging in to JamForge. We can see which members are online and the board with the content of band's projects.

The second one shows the selected project "Rock and Roll" and an integrated music player playing a music file.

On the third screenshot, we can see an open session in the recording and mixing studio. This feature is great for trying out ideas and preparing material for the rehearsals in the real world.

If you want to connect to JamForge from a tablet or a smartphone, you can use "JamForge Connect" which is available for iOS and Android devices.

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Online touch typing tutor

The service is available at http://agilefingers.com/

Nowadays, the ability to touch typing is useful to virtually anyone. We use computers both at work and at home. Mastering the touch typing saves our precious time. With AgileFingers it can be achieved in a pleasant way using only a web browser.


The application teaches how to correctly positionin hands during typing. Practicing with AgileFingers forces hands' muscles remember how to correctly type. After some time, user is able to type completely without looking at the keyboard.

Users can monitor their typing speed progress and set challenges for themselves to get more motivated.

Lessons available on AgileFingers are not only typical sets of exercises, but also interesting fragments of literary texts. Users can also enter their own text to practice with.

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Mobile applications

When creating solutions for smartphones and tablets, we use a hybrid approach, so we can handle most popular mobile platforms (particularly Android and iOS) quicly and keep only one code base.


Screenshots show the application "Learning to read by syllable." The program is designed to help children in mastering reading skills.

The application has been released in a version for tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android platforms (it is available in both the App Store and Play Store). Screenshots are from the smartphone version.

The application gives the impression of a native, though it is made in hybrid technology (check video).

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